Saving lives was China’s only goal behind global aid, Wang says

China has been offering assistance to other countries to fight COVID-19 with the sole intention of trying to save as many lives as possible, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

At a news conference held on the sidelines of the third plenary session of the 13th National People's Congress, Wang said China never seeks any geopolitical economic interests through such assistance, neither does it attach any political strings to the assistance.

China has conducted in the past few months the largest global emergency humanitarian aid since the founding of the new China.

It has provided assistance to about 150 countries and four international organizations, held video conferences to share disease treatment and control experience with more than 170 countries, and sent teams of medical experts to 24 countries, according to Wang.

It has also exported 56.8 billion masks and 250 million protective clothings to help the international community fight the pandemic, Wang said, adding China stands ready to continue to offer help.

Post time: May-21-2020